No1 Food Prep offer a wide variety of meal prep packages which are the most convenient way for you to enjoy our food. Simply choose from our many food options, based on your personal preferences for meat, fish or plant based meals and select from our ready made, hand picked, meal prep packages.

Our meal prep packages have three portion sizes to choose from depending on your personal goals and daily calorie needs.

No1 Food Prep packages will take all the guesswork out of your meals, reducing the stress and time taken in managing your weight, whilst nurturing your body with nutrient dense tasty food. Whatever your needs, we have options to suit you.

Friends over? Swap your takeaway for extra portions of our healthy meals.


Lite is designed for people with smaller appetites or those wanting to lose weight. Portion sizes are 20% smaller than our baseline meal prep package, Balanced. Strategically constructed with maximum taste and minimal fat, we can take the stress and strain from calorie counting leaving you to kick back and enjoy each and every mouthful.


Balanced provides perfectly proportioned components to each meal for people who aren’t focussing on their weight. The perfect meal prep option for anyone wanting healthy, nutrient dense tasty meals freshly made for your enjoyment.


Max has been strategically designed to support those with increased calorie needs. Ideal for those looking to build lean bodies the clean and healthy way, or for anyone with larger appetites needing to sustain energy throughout the day.