No1 Food Prep was borne from ten years experience working within the fitness industry, running residential camps specialising in weight management and fat loss. Our clients were so satisfied with the meals we served them daily on camp, devised for maximum taste and optimum wellness, we were constantly asked how they could continue to receive them off camp. In response to demand, we evolved No1 to bring you Food Prep offering exceptional quality, perfectly balanced meals delivered to your home directly from our kitchen.

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of clients transform their lives and become fitter, healthier versions of themselves. Working alongside our in house nutritionists, we have a scientific understanding of food and how it impacts the body. This has enabled us to develop menus and recipes designed for maximum nutrition, optimum health and ultimate taste.


Leaders in fitness since 2008, No1 Boot Camp has helped thousands of people achieve health, fitness and weight loss goals.

Our years of experience running residential boot camps across Europe, has enabled us to develop an effective, fun but most importantly results driven modern group training programme to support our clients whatever their needs.

We promise to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

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No1 Tradition, Expert Nutrition

No1’s approach to food is to ignore the trend and fad diets that come and go. They simply don’t provide long-term sustainable results. Our passion is to support people’s quest for health by looking good and feeling great in mind and body.

We know how hard this is to maintain day in and day out on your own. No1 Food Prep wants to take the stress and boredom out of calorie counting and food tracking by doing all this for you whilst allowing you to choose foods that you love.


We understand it’s a constant challenge to cook fresh, nutritious meals daily. Our demanding lifestyles often mean that there is little time to dedicate to cooking and it can become a stressful part of our lives and we don’t look forward to. Many of us dream of having someone cook for us and help us with weight management.

No1 Food Prep is designed to help you eat delicious food every day. We want you to look forward to your meals rather than dread trawling round the supermarket aisles reading food labels. Our meals allow you to take control over your nutrition, safe in the knowledge that you are eating wholesome, organic ingredients and with transparency of your daily calorie intake.


Our meals are all designed to be as clean as possible. Meaning we avoid sugars, refined carbohydrates and any “hidden” nasties or extra ingredients that interfere with optimal wellness. All our food is lovingly prepared and cooked in small batches, just as you would at home, using only ingredients and processes that we know you would approve of.

One thing we have learnt over the years is that you can’t compromise on quality. We work with trusted local suppliers that we know provide consistently superior ingredients. This enables us to tailor our menu to take advantage of seasonal fruit and vegetables, and minimise any nasties found in supermarket food. Our organic meat comes from the Queen’s personal butchers, and our organic chicken, turkey and fish are from trusted local suppliers with transparent and sustainable sources.